Entinox has its headquarters in Zaragoza. The main activity is the stainless steel transformation into different products:

  • Food use containers
  • Carbonated beberages containers
  • Chemical industry containers

Among its founders, we have one of the most important worldwide specialist in the stainless steel transformtion industry. He has developed several patents, being the most known the stainless steel butane bottle, a revolution for the industry from the point of view of manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

Contribute to carbonated beverages packaging processes, with the manufacturing and sale of stainless steel kegs, anywhere in the world, with the most efficiency and flexibility.

Collaborate closely with our customers by developing production and service improvements which give value added to their business

All this by managing the company in a way that creates value added for our shareholders and customers

To be a company worldwide recognized by producers as the leader of stainless steel kegs manufacturer and service provider

Focus on long term business development without losing perspective of short and medium term shareholders profitability

Analyze what adds value to our customers and focus ourselves  on achieve it

Creating shared value between the company, customers and society

Environmentally sustainable business practices, contributing to a cleaner world, thinking on future generations

Achieve excellece at work

Internal relationship based on trust as generator drive for ideas, industrial process improvement and commercial strategies

Respect for cultural diversity of countries where we are present, without losing our values

Consider social policies as the dna of entinox